Looking for Women Veterans!

The Eastern Colorado Health Care System Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) is inviting women who served in the military to form a team that will provide feedback/input on our work.  Our goal is to have the voice of those we hope to serve inform all aspects of our work, from the research questions we pursue, to the way in which healthcare services are provided, to the outcomes we measure.

Examples of current research projects include studying the effects of military service on the physiology of aging, particularly bone health.  An example of an effort to improve services is a monthly series called Access Rounds, which brings together VA- and community-based service providers to discuss the successes and challenges of connecting those who previously served in the military with needed services and support. 

During Access Rounds, we brainstorm ways to maximize successes and problem-solve ways to address challenges by working together.  The veteran in each case is invited to share his/her perspective to inform how providers can do their work better in the future.  Women who served in the military is a voice that we hope to elevate in these and other efforts. 

If you or someone you know might be interested in helping to inform our work, please call or write Kathryn Nearing, GRECC associate director for education and evaluation (303-724-7186Kathryn.nearing@ucdenver.edu). 


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